The Inauguration of Barack Obama

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Several of my teachers had the TVs turned on to the inauguration on Tuesday the 21st and, coincidently, I saw President Obama take the vow and his speech during my english class. The vow had me smiling, to me it seemed as if Obama was not only taking his post seriously, but going into it with a kind of ease. As I watched his speech and listened I wondered what changes were going to take place, I marveled at the respect and hope in the faces of the people who were in DC as he talked. Some point during the speech I thought that he reminded me of Martin Luther King Jr., how he spoke with confidence and how the words were perfect for the moment. I believe that this event and this speech will go down in history, I can see it in future text books, I can hear it echoing in class rooms as teachers play a recording of the speech like they do for Martin Luther King Jr. It was a trully inspiring speech and uplifting.
I veiw President Obama as an incridible new leader for our country. I honestly think he's the one who can turn our country around. I really respect him. I can't speak entirely for my family but I can assume that they feel the same way I do. We have high expectations for President Obama, and we think he can live up to them.
I know his presidency will impact my life, I can feel it. I finish this article saying:
Good luck President Obama, and welcome to the presidency of America.

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