Family Matters Most

January 22, 2009
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. (Anthony Brandt)” I believe that family is what’s most important in life. Sharing memories good and bad, living together, laughing together, and loving one another. For most of my life I’ve shared a large amount of time with my family. In fact when I was young they were the only people I really ever enjoyed being around but I never could completely understand the importance of family. As I grew older that importance started to show a little more. My younger brother and I had become best friends, we were always together and were sometimes mistaken for twins, my sister was always extremely jealous or at least I thought she was because I know I would have been. Just from being farther away in age she never experienced and felt the same importance I did.
In mine and my siblings’ younger years our mom was always the parent who went off to work during the day and our dad was the one who always stayed at home. During this time my older half brother was in his teens and since he was my mothers’ child he enjoyed staying with her and he grew very close and attached to my dad, my siblings, and I. It was with us that he could bring in more importance to the family and it with us where he could feel that importance most rather then being with his dad and two older brothers, even though his brothers did show quite amount of importance in my life. Although they didn’t live with us they were still family and loved and cared for me the same way I loved and cared for them.
Unfortunately when I was eleven I got to see my half brother cry for the first time in eleven years, or at least the only time I could remember. The day that our dad had past away was when the importance stuck out a lot more. It’s one of those things where you don’t realize what you have until it’s gone. I noticed that this was a time where I needed my family most to care for and to cheer me up. Also noticing that that I could not have gotten that comfort with out them because they are meant to be there, they’re important. Many people live with there families for a big majority of there lives and during this time one can learn so much from them even the simplest little things such as walking and talking. Every person needs the loving care and touch of a family. With out these kinds of people one would be feeling neglected and out in the cold missing that feeling of importance in life.

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