Where are you going?

January 22, 2009
By Brice Geoffrion, Culver, IN

If you were to die today . . .
where would you go?
I pass the sign on I-65, and the question turns in my mind over and over and over. Where would I go? Heaven or Hell? Hell petrifies me. Fire, demons, constant regret, eternal joylessness. The realizations sting me. Like the cracking of a whip. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to that party. Maybe I shouldn’t have yelled at my parents that one day. Maybe I should’ve gone to church rather than sleep-in that one Sunday.
Facing God terrifies me. Walking towards Him, facing His blinding light, shaking with fear, fear of being sent to the dark and barren abyss of fire. Never having a second chance again. Being unworthy of heaven. Knowing I blew it. That I had my chance. I should call my parents. I should read the Bible. I should go to church. I should tell someone about God.
The remorse I feel for my careless actions leaves me in a bind: I face either an eternity of divine joy or an eternity of wretched nightmare.
I pass a car accident on the road. A man has died. I wonder where he is. What an eye-opener.

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