Tell us about a time when you made a miraculous catch

January 22, 2009
By Alfred Morris, Culver, IN

“The outlook wasn’t brilliant for the Mudville nine that day,” sound familiar, well it did to me on a hot day in July when the Culver Eagles were playing in the sectional against John Glen high school. This was the game everyone had been looking forward to all year, and it was not looking great towards the 6th inning.

The bus ride over to Plymouth to play in the sectional was a silent bus ride, everyone was concentrated on the task that they were about to embark on. I sat on the bus listening to Nikelback visualizing how I was going to play, I was a freshman so I assumed that I was not going to play an excessive amount that day, but I knew that there was a point in the game where the coach would call my name. “Lets unload the bus, we are in the 1st base side dugout” couch Hinton projected. I got out of the bus and scurried over to the dough out, after we were all situated, the coach read the starting line up, and as I suspected I was not starting, but I still had a feeling I would play an important role in the game.

Over the first few innings, it was not looking good, John Glen got started with a profound 4 to 1 lead, and the whole team was getting down. When I was about to pack up my bags and sit down in depression, coach Hinton called my name, “Al, start throwing, you are going to right field next inning.” I was so excited and nervous at the same time, I jumped out of my seat, ready to run out onto the field, and if someone would not have stopped me I would have ran on the field well we were still at bat. We scored 2 runs that inning, and now only trailed by one run. Finally I went onto the field and saw all the people who were in the stands, this made a shiver run down my spine, but at the same time I was so excited.

I stood in my spot in right field and waited for the first pitch, Whack! The first batter hit a screaming liner to left field for a double. The second and third batter both walked to load the bases, it was not looking good, and it seamed like I was not going to be able to contribute. The next two batters struck out, then their most dangerous hitter came to the plate, he took the first pitch, but the second pitch he drilled into right field about 10 feet away from me, three was no way I could get to it in time. So I closed my eyes and dove just praying I would catch it. I hit the ground and had fear that the ball had rolled behind me and I had just lost the game. Before I opened my eyes I heard a loud applause, finally I worked up the courage to see if I caught the ball, and was surrounded by happiness and excitement when I saw a white ball with red seams in my leather glove. We scored two more runs the next inning and came out victorious in the sectional.

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