Darkness MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   I almost killed mybest friend. The fears, the wounds and the rude awakening that it could happen tome will stick with me forever. Ashleigh and I were on our way to the bank butnever made it. I caught the side of the road and lost control, flipping mycar.

Darkness surrounded us. Dust flew in our faces; we did not know whatwas happening. The car went plunk, and everything was still. The accident wentfrom dark, loud and instantaneous to distorted, quiet and slow. The fears didn'tcome at first. Actually, nothing came immediately. For the first time in my life,my mind was silent.

"Lindsey, turn off the car," Ashleighscreamed, her voice piercing my ear. Baffled, I thought, How do I turn off a car?I went through the steps very slowly, feeling like it was the first time I'd everdone it. Finally I could, and then just sat there dangling upside down. I lookedat Ashleigh. Since the window was smashed, she was able to get out of the car.Broken glass was everywhere. I crawled slowly, trying not to cut myself. I didn'teven know where I was, or what the car looked like. All I wanted was to seeAshleigh, but when I did, all I saw was blood. I was scared and ashamed, sincethe accident was my fault. We ran to each other and hugged. We were dazed.

When the ambulance came, Ashleigh and I got in. The EMT asked lots ofquestions. Ashleigh sat there chattering away as though nothing had happened. I'musually like her, blabbering on and on, but instead I just sat there waiting toawaken from the nightmare.

Later, when I was alone, I started to bawl.All I could think about was the smashed car, and the darkness that had surroundedus. Thank God for seat belts. If we hadn't been wearing them, I might have killedthe one person who always makes me smile, a thought no one wants to livewith.

Although I don't think about my accident as much as I used to, whenI'm driving, it's still vivid. I ask why it happened to me - what did I do? Butthen I realize I got this rude awakening without any serious loss. My friendshipwith Ashleigh is stronger than ever, but I will never forget that I could havekilled my best friend.

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i love this so much!


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