The Greatest Grandfather

January 23, 2009
As we entered the doors of Brattleboro Memorial all you could smell was sickness. It was a hospital, and my family and I were going to see my grandfather. He was in room, well that doesn’t matter. As we walked into his room, he way laying uncomfortable on the hospital bed. We walked over to the side of his bed and he opened his eyes. He sort of just looked at us and had a half smile on his face. We went over to him and the bed table, and I held his hand for a moment while my eyes teared up. His hands were warm to the touch.

He just looked so miserable in that hospital bed. He couldn’t talk a lot but he could mutter out the words “I love you” to all of us. We would occasionally go up and visit him, but not nearly enough. I wanted to see him every day. I remember everything from the hospital, the smell, the look, and I remember his terrible hallucinations.

To me, my grandfather had the most interesting stories. He taught me some life lessons, that I will never forget. My grandfather was one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. If you were ever in a bind, or had car trouble you could count on him. He’d help you without thinking twice about it. He was amazing, the greatest grandfather, who’d do anything to please his grandchildren.

On November 18, 2001 we went up to visit him. None of us knew it would be our last visit with him. I stood in the corner of the hospital room, with my arms crossed not saying a word. My dad made me mad, about something that shouldn’t of mattered then. Now if I had known I wouldn’t be able to see my grandfather again after that night I would have acted completely different. Near the end of the visit I went up to say goodbye to him, and gave him a hug and kiss, and told him I loved him. He told me the same in return. It’s almost as if he knew he was going. I never would have acted the way I did that night or ever, if I new he was going to be gone so quickly.

When I woke up the next morning, I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom and dad crying. I had never seen my dad cry before, so in my mind I knew. I didn’t want to hear, so I sat down and just cried. The funeral was that Wednesday and I sat in the front row, with the rest of my family. The funeral parlor was packed full of people, who knew my grandfather as the wonderful man he was. The funeral was over in about an hour and a half. We then went to the graveyard, and had a short service. After that, everyone went to my grandmother’s house, and people ate, gave condolences, and left.

I could barely fall asleep that night. My mom had a dream about him, and he told her he was okay. November 19, 2001 was a hard time for us, and I think about my grandfather each and every single day. I cherish the time I did get to spend with him.

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