My American Woman MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

My Sista.

My Sista.

My Sista.

Come here, my child.

Letme let you look through my eyes and help you see more clearly.

The worldhas tried to rob you of your humanity. Today's man wants to put "shackles onyour feet" and make you believe that you owe him something. Can't you seethat you are a gift, I said a gift from God.

But, you see, you, myAmerican woman, you let yourself be an object that is just passed on to the nextman who doesn't love you. You are a woman full of love, passion, joy, happiness,emotions, confidence, experiences, talents, hopes, dreams, goals,accomplishments, patience, laughter and smiles, pain and tears, caring, beauty,you are strong, a good lover, God's intention.

You have the potential tobe a good mother, a good spouse and friend. Do you know where you come from, myAmerican woman? You sprung forth from a people full of pride in themselves, theirfamilies, their people, their land. A people who had respect not only forthemselves but also for each other. A people who weren't afraid to love eachother, not kill each other.

When your ancestors were put in captivity asif they were animals and listened to their children cry from being beaten sobadly that their flesh peeled off like the skin of an orange, and then were sentto bed hungry and tired and only to wake up hungry, tired and hurt. A people whowere never allowed to read or write and yet you wanna cut class every day, or noteven go to school at all. A people who were never called by their names and todaywe look each other in the eyes and allow ourselves to be called "Yo!Nega!"

But, through it all our people remember that He will never putmore on them than they could bear.

Is that a tear I see in your eye, myAmerican woman? It's okay to cry now. Now that I have gouged your eyes. You comefrom a beautiful people.

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i love this so much!


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