Singer Island MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Ina bleak gray winter
comparable to a white rose
whose thorns prick
likethe bitter air
that leaves me numb
The trees stand out against
thedismal sky
like charcoal outlines
just silhouettes
against a blankcanvas
Though July is so faraway
like a distant star
that shinesbright
in the back of my head
I long for Palm Beach
in its endlesssummer
with cloudless skies
a color blue
that could never berecreated
The sound of crashing waves
like a faint roll of thunder
aturquoise ocean
like an image from a water-color painting
The warmsun
penetrates my skin
a gentle breeze blows
saltwater-soaked hair
inmy eyes
sunlight reflects
against a prismatic pool of water
enclosed bya shelter of palm trees
in a paradise I know so well
like a second home tome
9C South
from outside a balcony
the sun sets across Lake Worth
Abrilliant display of color
fades away
The city lights of West Palm
shinebrighter than dim stars
in the distance
Though to me
a lounge chairmakes a better mattress
As winter lingers
Though not as warm assunlight
I fall asleep
beneath a comforter
the colors of theocean

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i love this so much!


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