The Scent of My Memory MAG

By Ruby, Chicago, IL

     Oh, that scent! That refreshing, comforting smell. I love the earth's smell after it rains. I like rainy days because once it stops raining, I know that a wonderful scent will remain to remind me of that pleasant memory.

It was dawn in Mexico. It was a beautiful warm and humid morning after a night of rain. I heard my mother go outside early. I was three years old and still in bed, but I wasn't tired so I got up and went outside. First I felt the warmth, then the fresh wind blow on my arms. I watched my mother sweep the sidewalk. In Mexico when it rains, the sand lifts from the ground and dirties the sidewalk. When my mom saw I was watching, she smiled at me. I felt comforted by her smile, and smiled back as I ran up to her. Mom looked at me and said, "¡Que madrugadora!" ("What an early bird!") I just giggled and sat on a bench outside our house. Once she finished, she sat there too, putting me on her lap and hugging me. I felt happy because I felt her love. Before I took a nap in my mom's arms, I took a deep breath, and knew I would never forget that day.

The beautiful scent that is left after it rains reminds me of that pleasant dawn in Mexico. The wonderful smell reminds me of the fresh wind that blew on my arms. The scent reminds me of my mom's comforting smile. That natural perfume reminds me of the feeling of my mother's love. I took a deep breath that day and knew I would remember that moment whenever I smelled that scent.

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i love this so much!


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