I Always Pay Attention in School MAG

By Adam, Montz, LA

     I always pay attention in school. I don’t sleep in any of my classes because I don’t want to miss anything. Lately, I’ve been enjoying my classes, but my parents aren’t exactly thrilled.

Okay, first class was geometry. Today we talked about triangles or something. It wasn’t very important. You see, I sit next to a short girl with long brown hair. Man, is she pretty.

Instead of listening to the teacher, she and I talked about our weekends. It seems like she had a ball. She and her friends went to the mall and got make-overs. Then, they went on a shopping spree and caught a late movie. She hadn’t finished her story when the bell rang. I wonder if I have geometry homework.

English was next. Today we worked in groups on our presentations for next week; I didn’t hear the exact day. Did I luck out with my group - a cheerleader and two dance team girls! The whole class I flirted with the three of them. We talked about Friday’s football game and how much fun it was going to be. During class, I noticed the cheerleader checking me. Her friends say she likes me. This day is going very well for me. Very well, indeed.

Time for science already? I didn’t even hear the bell. Oh yeah, we had an awesome class today. The teacher was sick, and the sub let us do whatever we wanted. My friend and I decided to score some brownie points with all the hotties in the class. That class seemed to fly by. Before we knew it, the bell rang for lunch.

Lunch is great except it’s short. Earlier, a girl had told me that her friend liked me so I planned to meet her. She was unbelievable. She likes the same music I do, has the same hobbies, and has a thing for baseball players (good thing I’m on the team). The bell rang, and we said good-bye before heading to last period.

The last class is drum line. It’s fun, but there are no girls. Today we spent the whole class talking about who’s the hottest girl in school. It was a normal end to my day.

I used to hate school. Then, I took my parent’s advice and started paying attention. Who knew you could get so much out of class? But one thing still bothers me: I never found out if I have geometry homework.

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i love this so much!


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