Teachers Need a Raise

January 22, 2009
Teachers Need a Raise!

I could think of a thousand reasons why teachers should make millions of dollars a year. President-elect Barack Obama is in favor of giving teachers a higher salary. Giving teachers a raise is good for everyone. It would even help the economy because if you give teachers a raise, then if they want to buy a new car, it would help the teacher because they have a new car but it would also help the car company that you had just bought the car from. If there were no teachers, the how would we learn?

Giving teachers the money they deserve would show them that you appreciate the hard work that the teachers commit to each and every day as soon as they walk through the school entrance. Not giving teachers a raise is like not cheering or showing any form of excitement after your teammate has just made the game-winning field goal.

In sixth grade, I had a teacher named Mr. Evans. He worked so hard to make sure that everyone was doing well in his class and that everyone was doing what they were supposed to be doing. He knows that every student has the potential to be successful in life. That is why he pushed his students and made that they gave at least one-hundred percent or more on whatever assignment that he gave you. Whenever you would start to slip through the cracks, he was always there to make sure that you were okay and he was there to pull you up. Mr. Evans was like a second father to me (the school version).

Another one of my teachers that I would like to recognize is Mr. Oviatt. Mr. Oviatt works vigorously to make sure that we have some sort of educational and fun game planned for us as soon as we enter his classroom. His energetic, fun, and caring attitude can be contagious. Mr. Oviatt is the kind of guy that you can go to when you are having problems inside or outside of school.

Mrs. Thompson is by far, in my opinion, the funniest teacher I have ever had. Seriously. Mrs. Thompson always keeps the class laughing with her hilarious jokes and clever personality. She always has a game or fun activity to help us prepare for an upcoming quiz or test.

One of the best math teachers that I have ever had is Mrs. West. Mrs. West is open to answer any questions that you may have regarding her lessons in class. Even if it is not a high leveled question, she will still answer it. Mrs. West is kind, loving, and always in a cheerful mood.

All teachers at Laredo Middle School are in favor of getting a boost in their salaries. Teachers open the door for you; all you have to do is walk in. I will not continue to emphasize why I think teachers deserve a raise and how hard working, loyal, and helpful they are. If professional athletes and actors can make millions of dollars a year, then why can’t teachers?

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