Christmas Bliss

January 13, 2009
By Courtney Roskos, Pewaukee, WI

I work in suite D-5, Buckle, in Brookfield Square. Upon entering the mall’s doors you enter a utopia of Christmas bliss. To me it looks more like an elf heaved all over.

You may call me a scrooge or an anathema when it comes to Christmas. Actually I adore the holidays and have never felt like truncating Santa until I took the post at suite D-5. The holiday spirit runs through the mall a fractious wind. As a score of hasty shoppers brush through, they seem to lose all sense of the season. On several occasions I have been screamed at for not being able to locate a size, bringing ill-fitting jeans, or incorrectly wrapping a gift. With each tongue lashing, I grow more timorous. During all this, a ceaseless stream of jaunty Christmas tunes can be heard overhead.

Every Monday night I have meetings from 8:45pm until 10:30pm. These meetings consist of learning how to sell people, in my opinion, what they don’t need, can’t afford, and will bring nothing into their life. Our last meeting consisted of how to “frost,” or “glamorize,” an outfit to create an ostentatious gift.

Pardon me while I go and puke. I was going to pursue a career in fashion merchandizing, until this job created a schism between fashion and I. Having another job to fall back on has made this next decision easier. I’ll put my two weeks in and soon this will be expunged from my life.

I cannot wait to once again have my life filled with a, non-mall love and flamboyance for the holidays.

The author's comments:
I'm Courtney
Graduating with the class of '09
I hope to further my education in north carolina, through photography, composition, and marine biology

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