The Psychology of Driving

January 8, 2009
By George Zhao, Solon, OH

On one night a few summers ago, I was practicing driving with my temporary license on a familiar road, and was ready to make a left-hand turn. Of course, as a novice, I stopped for the oncoming traffic. I waited and waited, even when there seemed to be quite a distance to the nearest oncoming car. I waited until finally the left-turn lights were green. The driver in the car behind me must've been really fed up with my long waiting. Whoever the driver was, (s)he honked at me as I turned left.

Do people really have no patience in driving? Let's not even talk about speed limits. Those things are virtually "hey! please do not do this!" signs. Honestly, who, besides people while taking the road test, will actually slow down to 25 mph in "business locations?" Well, so maybe no one decides to care about speed limits. We've more or less accepted that. My thinking is, well, just go drive at a speed in which you won't kill someone. Similarly, if you are pro at driving and don't want to slow down while turning a corner, I don't care. Just don't go swerve and cause accidents. If you don't feel like waiting that long at a left-turn place, just be certain that your judgment is crystal clear.

But, leave those people who are following the rules alone! I mean, it's not like those people wholly choose to do that. It might be like me, a student driver, whose parent sitting next to him/her reminding the driver that during the road test, any violation could end up in failure. There might be some, maybe whose relative died from a driver going too fast, who want to follow the regulations. Or whatever the case is, you get my point. Just leave them alone! If you can't pass that car, then have patience for one minute, can't you?

I don't plan to ever to become a psychologist. But, the mindset of average drivers is rather dismal. In a country where car-crashes kill more teens than infectious diseases, well, I think we got sort of a problem here.

Bottom point, I don't criticize people who don't follow the traffic regulations. Just go make sure it's still "safe" enough. Heck, what's the odd that I'll follow all the speed limits? But, leave those who wish to follow the rules alone. They are just there to obey the rules that society has given up hope on. If you don't have that little moment of patience, why are you waiting outside the store at 12 AM on Black Friday?

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on Mar. 30 2009 at 8:17 pm
YeseniaG SILVER, Livonia, Michigan
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good closing line. a bit angry of a piece, but passionate.

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