Lack Of Attention In Everday Drivers

December 15, 2008
By Antonio Miller, Quincy, FL

It was just a normal day on December 1, 2008 and I was leaving from school. I was exhausted and weak due to the fact that I had weightlifting practice. As my dad and I traveled down highway 90, my dad began to break his speed because there was a school bus that stopped ahead. I looked around as we slowed down and approached the bus and other stopped cars. Looking to the left of me , I saw something I see very often; a driver not paying attention while behind the wheel. From the looks of it, the driver was distracted by somthing and their head dropped. I came to the conclusion that maybe they were distracted by smething on the floor. Shortly after that, I noticed that they had'nt broken their seed at all. Suddenly, the driver's head arose but it was too late to slow down, and it happened. BOOM! The car rear ended another car that had stopped behind the school bus. The wreaks impact sounded as if we were in an arena attending a monster truck rally. Glass scattered like loose puzzle pieces, and the back of the opposing vehicle was smashed in like it was made of clay due to force and sped from the other vehicle. The fumes fiels the air as a result of one of the cars gas tanks being cracked. From the looks of it, both vehicles were completely totalled. After witnessing the accident i was speechles and feild with fear. I couldn't believe what I was experiencing right before my eyes. It happened within a blink of an eye. There where nearly 6,420,000 vehicle accidnets in the Untied States in 2005 and the numbers are constantly rising. Many of thoes occurred due to lack of attention.

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