Who had a positive Impact on me

November 6, 2008
Who had a positive impact on me is my dad because he allweys take me to work with him because he now that I wanth to become a mechanic and my dad is a mechanic that is why he take me to his work so I can lorne some things.
He show me how to chage brakes and when i do it writh he is proud of me, some times has a bad impact on me but when I go to work with him he had a positive impact on me.
My dad don't speak english and when he heirt me speaking english he is proud of me, when I loock like I'm borh he take me to work whit him some times T don't wan't to go but I now if I go I can can long more tings abouth cars, he teach me how to fix my own car.
When I finish reparing it, he loock at me and told me good job, I new that he had a positive impact on me.

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