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January 13, 2009
By Stanford Andersen, Hartland, WI

Nine-years of living through others, can life be any more fruitless? Still, the average American that lives to 65 watching 4 hours of T.V. a day will spend 9-years starring at the tube. Americans need to stop watching so much television.

People are addicted to television. They are content folks that enjoy themselves when watching but often phlegmatic when the tele is not available. They are often inundated with images that coerce a state of submission. In servere cases, people do not even care what they are watching.

These people need help to see that with a comprehensive look, T.V. is the most poignant element in their life. Like substance abuse, it leaves them helpless and garbles their mind. It was with zealous minds and sanguine thought of their control; they became passengers on a ride that will consume nine years of their life.

Today is the day. The day the people need to corroborate to support the recovery of their fellow Americans. Their needs to be a group like the AA for television watchers. With 2.24 televisions per household, it is important that people can receive the help they need.

It is important that the radio is used in this healing process. Television is not the way to send out this message. People need to return to reading books, staying informed, and being active. The future does not look good for Americans but with some proper direction, we can reverse the effects of television .

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