January 20, 2009
By Shelby Adams, Blue Mound, IL

Writing is the means by which one sees into the heart and soul of another. Sometimes, words eloquently flow onto the page, while other times it only makes sense in my mind. It is not important why you write, or even your writing ability. What matters is the flow of the pen writing letter after letter.

The thing I like about writing is how personal or impersonal you can make a piece. The method is the same with either way, though. Personal writing allows a bond to be shared between two people who don’t care if grammar or spelling are used in the correct ways. Formal writing is much more constricting; you don’t get to pour your personality into it. Not all writing is going to be the same.

Although this could contradict what I said earlier, grammar is an important part of formal writing. It depends completely on your audience. Teachers or professors, for example, are going to nit pick one’s grammar and writing. If one writes something formal for themselves, they will only see the tremendous hard work and dedication that they put into that specific piece. Feeling praise because of the quality of your words is more important than the rules and regulations that may tear it apart.

I put a lot of effort into my personal writing and my formal writing. I personally get fed up with my own grammar and spelling errors, but I don’t dwell on them. There is more to be said about a piece of writing than errors. What is important in my writing is to get all my feelings out. I truly put all my effort into the many sentences, paragraphs, and pages.

Writing is extremely underestimated; it is not given the credit it deserves. Writing is almost like therapy. It calms you down when you have anger to get out. It is a healthy way to express oneself without harming anyone else. Write what is important to you, and beautiful creations will come from it.

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byebye said...
on Nov. 17 2011 at 5:05 pm
byebye, Nevermore, Other
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I have a serious case of writer's block...I'm attempting to write a novel, and while I know EXACTLY where I'm going with it, it's been hard lately to find the words. I think this may have helped me, so thank you.

I'm pretty obsessive and I admit I DO dwell a little too hard on grammar and spelling. But I'm putting that aside now...they came up with "revision" for a reason!

Good luck with your writing, you are just great! :)

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