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By Kelsey, Harrisville, RI

     “So, do you guys want to go Holy Cowing tonight?” Alyssa asked.

“Yes!” my sister and I exclaimed at the same time in “Do you really have to ask?” voices. That question may seem odd, but to sisters Christina and Alyssa, and Heather and me, it means many things. It means spending a great night at Newport Creamery sharing a 10-scoop Holy Cow Sundae. It means talking about practically everything, laughing at each other’s jokes, and creating new memories.

Holy Cowing is just one of the great traditions we four girls enjoy together. We have a very close friendship that has endured our whole lives. Our fathers have been friends since they were teens, and 17 years ago when Christina was a year old and Heather was born, our dads decided the babies would become friends too. The same thing happened 14 years ago when Alyssa and I were born. Over the years, we have created traditions that are so important to us.

One of the special get togethers that we love is our trip to the Autumnfest parade every Columbus Day. For the past four years, at least one of us has been in it, either for band or a sport. Those of us who are not marching watch the parade with our parents to cheer each other on. After the parade, our parents always say the same thing, “So, do you want to go out to eat together now?”

“Sure! Let’s go to Wright’s Farm for dinner.” We always have so much fun eating at this restaurant.

Another event that Alyssa, Christina, Heather and I enjoy involves Christmas gifts. We do Secret Santa every year, and it always works out well. I love shopping for that special present. It takes me a long time to find the perfect gift I know will brighten my friend’s face like a Christmas tree. I can never wait for the night when we exchange presents. As soon as we open them, a great thing happens. We all look into each other’s eyes and somehow realize that it’s not the gifts that make that night special, it’s the idea of knowing that we all have wonderful friends to spend it with.

Spending a whole day with them can be even more fun than just a night which happens whenever we go on day trips together with our parents. Usually we go to New York City or Boston, but we always experience new things. We laugh at new jokes, tell new stories, and become even closer.

Our friendship is so important that I don’t know what I would do without those friends. It is great to have people like Christina, Heather and Alyssa in my life. Our dream for the future is to have children who will become close too, just like we are.

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