January 20, 2009
By Grey Edwards, Carlsbad, CA

Halloween is so much better with friends. My friend and I were havin a night on Beason (Senior hang out area) that I will always remember. I thought, what is something that needs to be done that would be hilarious? I thought for a while then saw a CGA girl walk by…”THAT’S IT!” I shouted with the girl walking by. She looked at me a little strange but at least I knew what I was yelling about. My friend wanted me to do a riding of the bull costume but I refused. I wanted a costume that would be fun and adventurous. But, WHERE WOULD I GET THE WIG?! I had no idea. I asked girls and one actually had one. The night of I asked her for it and she said someone else was using it. I had to do something! Luckily the week prior I had gone to a Notre Dame hockey game and got a blue fan wig. It would have to do, I mean, I looked really hilarious because I looked like one of those lady body builders when I wore it. I thought I looked like the hottest girl in CGA though with my kilt and extremely tight shirt with the name tag reading “Bethanni Lewis ‘11” on it. I was a sophomore once again, for a third time actually, but that’s a story I won’t get into at the moment. Too long and boring. But the night was young. My friend and I went into Beason for the first time and found it to be not as cool as we thought. I mean, there were tv’s and all but no videogames, no halo being played, just people randomly talking. I thought, this is worse than the big Frat parties threw in the movie Animal House. So I chowed a couple chicken fingers and pretty much just left. Some girls thought it be funny if I went into the girls dorm where Dean was (I must forewarn every guy, if someone says the person won’t get mad for going into a dorm with no boys allowed…as a boy, I wouldn’t listen to the people). I may have been dressed as a girl, but boy did I get it. I got sent to my room and had to stay the rest of the night. Best Beason party ever…NOT! So I had to ditch all my friends and luckily one kid came into my room who was a senior and watched movies with me because he felt bad. So we watched Lord of the Rings: Return of the King the rest of the night. But hey, I had to stay in my room so I made the best of it. Whats the next best thing after hanging out with people outside? MOVIES! I still wore the girls uniform the rest of the night so it still felt like I was at the Beason party. The night turned old and everyone retired from the party and that’s when I stayed up for a long time and did absolutely nothing. I didn’t even get to finish my movie.

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