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January 19, 2009
By Nick Martens, Aurora, CO

What is it that about new things that make kids think their better than everyone else? It doesn’t matter to me if Billy down the street got a ps3. He’s still the same as he was before he got it. Kids need to stop bragging to others about what they have opposed to someone else. It’s as though getting new stuff make kids better than their friends.

In almost every school I’ve gone to at least one kid bragged to everyone else that he was cooler because of the things he had. I wondered when it would stop fifth grade? Sixth? Seventh? One year this kid was like “Hey I just got the coolest, biggest, and best T.V. in the in the world.” Everyone was like “Oh cool can I come see it this weekend.” It turned his parent traded T.V.’s with him so he ended up with a regular every day T.V. After that everyone treated him the same as before he said anything about the T.V.
It hurts when people brag about how their better than you because they have this, or how you’re not as cool as them because they have this. Martin Luther King Jr. believed everyone was the same even if their skin was different. This relates to that belief in so many ways. If we look at history up until 2008 every president has been a white male. President Obama does brag to us that he has more power than us. Some people have dreams and then along comes Billy bragging about something or other. This squishes the other guy’s dreams like a bug.
Every one as bragged about something at one time or another, right? At schools it is a big problem yet nothing is happening to stop it. One kid brags about something to another kid. That kid feels bad about himself. He comes to school just to deal with it again and again, day after day. When he just can’t take it anymore he hits the kid bragging. Guess who gets in trouble? The kid who snapped because he couldn’t stand it. They should put up on the wall No Bragging, the gym should say No Bragging, No Bragging should just be a school wide rule. I know bragging is part of life. Like I said before I wondered when it would end now I realize it’s just going to be there for the rest of my life.
To conclude my claim I just want to say one thing to those of you who brag a lot. I hope you feel good about how you make others feel and that one day you get what you deserve. To those of you whose dreams have been crushed by kids like Billy I just have to say don’t let these kids bring you down. It’s just a way for them to make themselves feel good. Like bullying but I’m not going to get into that now.

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