the day you passed away

January 17, 2009
By rachel dolley, Spokane, WA

since the day you left Ive been in the dark clouds.i just sit and cry in the pitch black room because the thoughts of u flow back into the front of my brain.the thoughts of loosing you crushes my heavy felt a boulder falling on a car below.i close my eyes and wish you were here when i open see your beautiful face.but some times i just don't want to open them because i know you wont be there for me to hold and say good bye for one last time.but I'm getting older and the thoughts of u get farther and father away from me so i go to the place you passed away to smell and hold the things u had your last breath with.then i go to my room and sit and fall asleep slowly and dream of the day i held and smelt you for the last time!!

The author's comments:
i was only in the 4th grade and my neaice passed away when she was three monthes and it crushed me i never new something so preious and sweet then to find out she was gone by the time i got back from school was just a heart rinching moment.

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