Thoughts on Logical Thinking

January 16, 2009
By Rachael Poore, Dover, DE

I don't like logic - never have. Logic doesn't allow me to feel my feelings. It sorts everything into nice neat little file folders in my head, never to be dealt with again. Logic is the small, rational voice in my head that constantly argues with me. Take, for example, an arguement I had with myself after I'd just been rejected by a girl. "Me: Rejection sucks. Logic: Don't give up so easily. What you need is a mentor. Somebody older who can teach you about the gay community's dating rituals, so to speak. Me: No. What I need is to get past this. To accept that I like girls and they don't like me. Just accept it and move on. Put it in a little box marked CRAP and move on with my life. Logic: That's your problem Rachael, you feel too much. You let your emotions get the best of you but never really try to solve the problem." What can I say? "Logic" is right - always. That little, irritating voice, like a fly buzzing in my ear. As I think over the many conversations my logic and I have had, I come to the realization that maybe I resent logic for its ability to be so cold and emotionless. I have come to the realization that I envy it.

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