House Fire

January 16, 2009
By Jordan Milligan, Shelbyvile, IL

One day while hanging around bored out of our brains I said “
Hey want to play out side?”
“Sure,” Sabrina.
“Hey Connor, want to play out side?”
“Yes,” He said with excitement.
So we played in our tree house. The tree house was a bunch of wood for stairs and a piece of ply wood for the tree house. The tree was a big, huge, brown, and green tree in our front yard. Our cherry tree is located in our back yard outside my sister’s room. The dog’s pin is a normal size dog pin is fifteen by eight foot long dog pin. I was
The happiest person until my house caught on fire, I was playing with Chomper in the backyard in his pin. The house was a 1 story house with 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and 1 laundry room.
The next day.
“Hey, I’ll bet I can swing hirer than you.” I said.
Then we played and laughed until it was time to go in. We were saying “awww”. While in side I was playing video games.
Next I had to eat. I ha d potatoes, ham gravy stuffing, The ham was smoking, The potatoes were stamy.After done eating I went to finish my game I went to sleep. See you later.

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