Bike Wreck

January 15, 2009
By Anonymous

One day hunter (my cousin) and I were going to the football game at the high school. we started to leave and my mom made me get a hoodie, cause the leaves were falling every where and I told my mom, “Mom it’s not cold” I looked in my room everywhere and then I realized that I left it at my friends house clear across town. This made me mad.

So I made my way out of the linoleum floor kitchen. Then Hunter and I had left on our bikes. We made our way down the block and my dads friend Brandon asked us if we wanted to race. Me and Hunter said “yes” at the same time. I was thinking “we’re going to win.” and once we started I was thinking back to what my mom said it is a little chilly and I realized I was dozing off and me Hunter and Brandon was like neck and then I picked up my speed and Brandon was really trying to beat me so when he did that he turned right and as soon as he did that I was thinking this is going to hurt. BAM! I felt that faster than lightning McQueen.
“Oh my god Blade are you alright” honestly I couldn’t hear him cause of all the banging going on up in my tiny pea brain. As we were walking to my house I told hunter, that he might as well leave cause I didn’t want him to miss the foot ball game.
So when we were at my house my dad exclaimed, “what in the heck happened to your face!” “I was racing Brandon a-a-nd I I uhh was racing and he turned and made me wreck!” I said with a studder. When we went in the house. My mom yelled, blade get in here. As I walked mosey into the bathroom, she took out the hydrogen peroxide and as soon as I saw the medicine I ran into my room and locked the door and after a while I was starting to get a little tired. So I was trying to find a way to sleep without hurting my face. Then I laid down and fell asleep fast. You know what I did not get to go to the game. Darn.

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