Guradian Angels Emanating Guilt

January 15, 2009
You disappointed me; I looked in my bag and saw the wretched book that will seal your future, maybe even mine. As I started at it, multiple emotions phased through me.

I was sleeping when I got your text and now I am awake to reality after just leaving my fantasy world. I’d dreamt of you that night and I can’t stop thinking of you. And now you have flooded my thoughts with death and worry.

We are hanging out. The boys, Dennis and Fatboi, have drum line practice out in Brooklyn. I don’t know where I’m going. For once I’m just following because I have a major crush on Dennis and now I’m stuck in a love triangle. Dennis’s Brother, Fatboi, likes me apparently, but I like Dennis…a lot. So I’m going with them to their practice to watch Dennis.

As we sit on his other brother’s bed, Dennis comes in to say he’s taking a shower and we’ll be leaving shortly.

As he comes out of the shower I can’t help but stare. Not directly but in my peripherals, just out of the corners of my eyes. And he looks so sexy with just a towel around his waist. I notice he has a tattoo across his chest and in my mind I wish he’d come closer so I could read it, but no he just stays across the room searching for a shirt I hope he never finds.

Finally he gets dressed though and we leave after his mom comes in the house to yell at them because apparently I, nor anyone else, was supposed to be there. But we finally leave headed to the train station and Dennis asks me to hold his Barnes

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