January 15, 2009
“Party!” I said over and over. I could hardly keep the smile off my face. On September 25 and 26 of 2008 I had my 13th B-day party. I invited 3 friends Dalton, Jordan, and Richard. When everyone arrived I asked “Do you want to see my new game.”

“Sure,” they all replied.

Soon after around dark we had a Weiner roast. The fire was really smoking. Not to mention Jordan burnt his hotdog so badly it turned pitch black. We all laughed at the sight. While Dalton and I were still eating Jordan and Richard went looking for leaves to put into the fire.

“What are you two doing?” I asked.

“Were going to make the fire bigger and to find thins to burn,” they both replied.

When they dumped the leaves, well, that’s when the fire really rose and thickened. After dinner we poured water over the fire. Hiss, the fire went as the water was poured quickly over it. After it was out we went back inside.

After Dinner we played on that small thin white upright box which improves health which otherwise know as the WII. We played Wii fit most of the time. Before we started I created a Mii for all of us to use. His name was Bob. That was not very smart because every time someone different got on the Wii would say “Your weight seems to have changed.” That’s because we all had a different weights. Sadly during yoga pose called warrior Dalton discovered pain in a horrible way. The pose had him stretch his legs and his arms were pointed out.
We were all laughing but when Richard did it he said, “Nothing to it.”
We went to sleep around 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning. Our sleeping bags were side by side. Two on the top, two on the bottom. Our bags looked like a square.
The next day the first thing we did was jump out of our bags, grabbed the remotes, and turned on the Wii. After what seemed 2 hours, I went upstairs to see if my mom could make us pancakes. Little did I know she was shopping at WALMART for our breakfast.
When she got back I helped unload the car. Then she started making pancakes that smelled and tasted like pumpkins. Both Dalton and I had 3 pancakes, while both Jordan and Richard had 2. Soon after we were back playing video games.
I soon showed my friends an old hunting game and surprisingly they liked it. In the game we made a map with black, brown, and polar bears, cougars, and bison. One shot from a shotgun sounded like a thousand firecrackers witch sent every animal running off in every direction.
An hour or two we had cake and ice cream. The cake had three heavy layers of chocolate and chocolate icing. The ice cream was white with chocolate swirls.
About half an hour latter we left for the pool. It was an indoor pool in Sullivan IL. There we played basketball until one which was when the pool opened. When it did open we changed and jumped in. We stayed until three o’clock. So while we swam for two hours my dad sat and read a book. Jordan felt very cold the entire time in the pool, while we were warm. While Jordan and Richard were in the shallow end Dalton and I were jumping off the diving board. The pool itself was about as big as tow of gym here at moulton.
When we finally got back home we all played on the trampoline. Dalton and I would have sumo matches were we would try to pin each other. Sadly during a match Jordan was knocked off and hit his head. Luckily his dad had just arrived. Around the same time Richard’s mom had arrived to pick him up. Dalton didn’t have to leave until the next day. That’s because both his and my parents go to the same church.
Sunday, Dalton didn’t need to leave until two o’clock. So until then we rode bikes and played games. When ever we had the chance we would ride the bikes up a hill turn around and push off. The speed was amazing. It was great that is until we went up hill again.
This was by far my best birthday party ever. The best part is that everyone had fun.

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