Thanksgivin' Memory

January 14, 2009
I woke up to smoke coming in the room, it smelt of burnt hair. This was not a good smell for the morning of a terrific Thanksgiving. All I heard was, “Grab the fire extinguisher,” Followed by, “We don’t have one.” That wasn’t a good sign. Faster then squirrel on a hicks yard, I was out of bed yelling, “AHHHHH mafabatoaboobacatamongacaca.” I was speaking in tongue. I think I went crazy for about 10 seconds. After slapping myself for about 20 seconds I realized there was still smoke coming into my room. I started towards the door and then tripped over the skateboard I set up just in case a robber came in (It could happen. Don’t look at this paper like that). I spun, twirled, and zigzagged in a circle and then hit the door with my head. I got up with a weird pain in my head, as if I hit a wooden object used to close and open entryways. I rubbed my cranium gently and got up off the ground. I reached again for the doorknob and realized that I was reaching for the closet door. I was confused and then turned to my right and saw my exiting door and reached for that. I opened it slowly but before I opened it all the way, I noticed that the knob was extremely shinny and admired it for about 10 seconds. It was magical. I finished my amazing moment with shinny metal knob and then realized again that there was smoke in the living room. I ran threw the living room and into my kitchen and realized that the kitchen wasn’t really on fire. In fact, it was only my brother testing out his new fog machine for his school project. The kitchen was fine, the turkey was fine, and I was physical injured (except for my head, which by now has grown into a golf ball sized lump.) Thanksgiving was as normal as all the other years, I was just hoping for some excitement and I successfully made it.

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