Haunted House Chills

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

What is it about haunted houses that make you keep coming back for more, even when you get the intense feeling, your adrenaline shoots up and your heart races uncontrollably?

Here’s what I think.

I personally love haunted houses. I love how you can’t tell when something/someone is going to pop out at you. On October 17, 2008 my friends and I went to the Thirteenth Door and the Slaughter House. We were having the best time ever! We were messing around with the workers there and having a blast. The main guy chased me all the way to the main street and I was contemplating on whether to cross it or not. I was running for my life, scared to death.

I get the urging feeling for more way down deep inside, as well as a gut feeling.

And then… vroom the chainsaw screams leaving people in absolute terror as if they’re in a living Hell!

Searches show that the first haunted house was around the mid 1800’s. Most of these treacherous houses were based on personal experiences with a touch of editing.

I also wanted to know how the created haunted houses, how long a simple one took, and what to put in there. So I got to work. Again, (my friends and I) decided to build one in our insanely creepy basements.

We just had to get the little kids to come down for a “surprise” and we definitely didn’t tell them what was coming their way. Especially my five year old sister! We took about twenty minutes to make a simple but fun and scary haunted house. Kids really get impatient for surprises. We had teenagers help us too. Our supplies were strobe lights, Chucky dolls, things hanging from the ceiling, and scary noises. Running for their lives, scared to death, I also think that they were scarred for life. Actually, they are fun to make together with your friends.

They’re not the easiest things to make up because it’s kind of hard to think of things but they are still something that I think everyone should try.

One hint: always make sure that you test run it at least four or five times so you can remember what to do for your part. That would look bad if you forgot.

Have you ever been to haunted house? It’s makes chills spread all over my body, and I hate it and love it at the same time. Even though I get scared to death I know that it’s a completely controlled environment and that nothing or no one can hurt me. Maybe that’s why I like them so much. It’s because they can torture you but they cannot by law hurt me.

It was hilarious because all of the creepy people would get too close to me and I would say “don’t touch me or I’ll sew you” or “see you in court” and they have to back off.

Follow all of these and I know that it will be a perfect experience for you.

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