Its Just A Journey

January 13, 2009
By courtney king, Trion, GA

I had never been the kid to draw on the pictures in the school books, or the kid that would actually laugh when I saw them, but for some odd reason i was this time. Lately I've just been so bubbly. It as actually shocking. I mean im in middle school whats so great about that. The only exciting moment in middle school is when some crazy kid goes and writes on the bathroom walls and all of us get in trouble for it. Middle school is a very strange place. Especially when every day your trying to impress every teacher that walks by and that means sometimes having to suck up, and that goes double for the teachers you actually like. I guess thats just life, you know? So pretty much middle school is just a short journey that leads to an even greater future. Its just a journey that we all have to take.

The author's comments:
I no this isnt alot, but it is to me. Middle school for me is hard but truthfully it is a journey. I would like to thank all my close friends for all the support and my math teacher who told me i can do anything ,but to never give up

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