Two flowing streams

January 13, 2009
By Brandee Anthony, Nashotah, WI

We are the only ones who travel together. I am the only one that travels alongside. Two flowing streams with rushing waters and rocky edges. Two who are lost in the many lakes and rivers. Two everlasting souls combined in one. From my heart I can feel it, but the rest of the world just passes by.

Our stories are covert. We extend meaningful words beneath the surface. We run up, down, across, beneath and all around in excess to the oceans. This is how we understand.

If one shall perish the other is no more, they are lost in the intertwined souls of the universe which bind us all. Run, run, run streams rush when I weep.

When we are broken and hurt and cant stop what is going, when its unforgivable and felt to be lost, when we are the smallest of things in the tiny world, then it is when I feel the streams. Two who flow regardless of others. Two who continue and do not stop. Two whose basis is to be loved.

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