One Little Light

January 13, 2009
By Susan Pfitzinger, Oconomowoc, WI

A tree is created. Effort put forth to untangle them wears a person’s patience thin. A string of lights placed upon a tree. Lights placed with such care to illuminate the tree in the best of ways. The final moment, the plug enters the socket. But there is no light, just defeat.
Why they don’t illuminate, it’s a mystery? There was so much time and effort put into having this string of lights succeed in their glory. Try again, just for good measure. Failure is looming, not only for you put the lights, make them work.
The time has come to admit defeat. Start taking off the lights, it’s over. As you start to take off the lights you go around and around wondering what you did wrong. All the sudden you feel a pain in your foot, what is it.
You notice a light, one little light bulb. That’s why they didn’t work, one had fallen behind. It wasn’t your fault; even if just one of those lights works you have done your job, but now they all work, BRAVO!

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