Our Eyes

January 13, 2009
By Susan Pfitzinger, Oconomowoc, WI

My entire families eyes will need aid in order to see eventually. My eyes are like a forest with deep brown and green tones, hazel is the name given to them at least on my driver’s license. My thoughts are just as deep as the colors in my eyes, I over think everything. My sister’s eyes are forever changing they look grey, blue one day and the next they look hazel. She is so indecisive, just like the color of her eyes. Her eyes change like the colors of the leaves with the seasons. My father’s eyes are iridescent oceans, oh how those eyes stand out in a room. He’s had them since childhood. He’s consistent like that in most things he does. My mother’s eyes are chocolate brown; her soul is rich just like the chocolate her eyes resemble. My families’ eyes are special and they relate all of us together.

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