TV Addiction

January 13, 2009
By Chris Suchocki, Sussex, WI

The facts about T.V. “addiction” are garbled by anti-television enthusiasts and the big-wig television networks. The truth is, TV is a source of entertainment and news. The article “Television and Health” published by TV Free America shows reasons why TV can be a menace in our lives. The article inundates us with evidence that TV coerces our children into become violent people.

Children today are taught, more now than ever, to think for themselves and to establish their own set of morals. If parents corroborate strong morals to their kids they’re more likely to listen to their parents than to follow what they watch on TV. If a child knows from the beginning of their life that violence is not the answer to their problems, then watching violence on TV is nothing more than entertainment to them. TV is no longer a poignant part of our lives. It has been around for a long time now and it means less and less every day. The facts are that TV is not the only place children will see violence in their life, and to ban it from TV would be a fruitless effort. TV is used for entertainment and people find violence entertaining. There may be comprehensive evidence that TV causes violence, but this could be a coincidence. Not all things on television are violent, many programs and advertisements teach tolerance and good values.

My attitude about television is no longer a sanguine one. I feel TV is not the leading cause of violence, but I do agree that Americans do watch far too much. Television creates a phlegmatic attitude that we can experience the outside world from the couch in our living room. Today’s generation is losing its zealousness, and fast. Television needs to preach activeness and encourage children to get up and experience the world.

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