A Behavioral Analysis of Arrowhead High School

January 13, 2009
By Chris Suchocki, Sussex, WI

Starting on 3rd hour every A day I enter the utopia of room 149B; a room in which a wide variety of personality traits are displayed. Although there are many different types of people within my advanced comp class, I feel that when put together we all get along more than if we were outside the classroom. The classroom environment has many different viewpoints which prevent us from expunging one anathema in the class. If someone is disliked by an individual it can be assured that someone else in the class finds that person pleasant.

As we all know Arrowhead isn’t always a jaunty place. We tend to be close minded and quick to judge with such a low diversity in our school. Arrowhead is full of cliques. Inside our classes though we are forced to interact with each other which exposes us to the views of others.

I’m sure that before advanced comp many students didn’t know the views of the more timorous students because they aren’t forced to interact outside of class. Those same shy students probably don’t know the flamboyant students who are more ostentatious within class. Some people are intimidated by those who are more outgoing. But when put in a classroom environment everyone can feel more at ease and more comfortable to express how they feel. A classroom closes the schism between cliques are forces us to interact and be ourselves.

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