My "About Me"

January 13, 2009
By Shane Albrecht, Pewaukee, WI

I was given a name that cannot be shortened and cannot be given a nickname. I was given a name that was different, and not so popular. An Irish name. A proud name. It originated from Sean, which in turn originated from John. “God is Gracious” is what I’m told my name translates to

To my friends, I have become their counselor. Their go-to guy. I have an odd ability, the ability to listen. When my friends have problems, they come to me. I listen and give them my suggestions and advice. My life is a blender. While dealing with my life and problems, I am given the task of tackling my friend’s problems. Problems that I am not required to be involved in but choose to throw myself into. I don’t mind. As long as my friends are happy, it makes my time worth it. Ever heard of a reflective personality? I have one. If a friend is mad, sad, annoyed, depressed, troubled, or uneasy, I slowly start to feel that way. So when they are happy, I am happy. Happy seems to be a dull word. But it accurately describes how I feel. Fulfilled, accomplished, justified, content, ecstatic, and joyous are just a few others.

To me, my name is one of comfort and hospitality. I do not judge individuals. I listen and learn. I am Shane. I am who I choose to be. I choose to be an understanding friend and easygoing stranger. I make friends easily. I lose them just as easily. I’d like to make a difference in this world. My goal is far away and hard to accomplish. But someday my name will be known. I’m sure of it. Whether it’s one hundred or one million people that know it, I will be known.

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