Help Me! Save Me! Do Something!

January 13, 2009
By Joe Kurkiewicz Kurkiewicz, Hartland, WI

When people see a person getting beaten up or killed, you’d think they would do something.
Call the police, get a group of people and try to overpower the killer, anything but watch. But
in the article “38 Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police” by Martin Gansberg, it was the
complete opposite. There were thirty eight citizens standing around watching Catherine
Genovese getting stabbed to death by an assailant and not one of them bothered to help her or
call the police.
My conjecture to this type of situation is shock and anger to the people. How can
people be so lax when somebody is being killed? All they had to do was call the police and have her taken to the hospital and she would’ve been saved. Why do people make such rash decisions? It was only after she was dead that her meticulous neighbor, a seventy year old woman, called the police. She was told by a man who had witnessed it and he claimed that he had also called the police. When asked why he didn’t do anything while the lurid ordeal was happening, he said “I didn’t want to get involved”. That is such bull crap because when you see somebody getting killed, you definitely must do something, even if it means you get hurt when you do it.
Whatever happened to the so-called good Samaritan? You know, the person who always
does the right thing and obviates any type of crime out there. It seems like that person doesn’t exist anymore. If people just watch someone getting killed, that could put them in prison very easily because of their failure to do something. There is no excuse for this. It’s not just killers in this country that make it a fearful place to live, it’s also the people like the thirty eight in this article as well. We can’t live in a safe environment if we don’t help each other out.

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