just a dream

January 15, 2009
By katie lewis, Shelbyville, IL

He’s gone…..and only god knows why. Nothing but a memory just a print in our minds. A three year old little boy took into gods arms. He’s safe but not in arms. He walks but not beside us….hand in hand. He’ll be near but not close enough to hug. He’ll protect you but you can’t return the favor. You scream in prayer

“I miss and love you Lucas.” And he’ll listen while crying back to you

“I miss and love you to.” God will comfort him by holding him tight while he cry’s rivers of tears.

Levi will wish for one more goodbye and the strength to stand from Lucases absent….Lucas will try to pick brother up to his feet but fail, he can’t say goodbye nor fill in his absent….for he is already gone.

To be able to hold Lucas once more….we clutch his picture for dear life, hoping he hears our prayers and stands next to us while we break down and cry.

It’s hard for Levi to let his little brother walk up to heaven alone but he’ll have to release his hand and know that god will reach out to grab it. With his head hung and tears dripping Levi cry’s to himself as his heart shatters into pieces. Lucas is gone but right next to us. Flowers rise where he lay in peace. Protecting and watching us all, he still clutches God’s hand while thinking of Levi

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