Egg Spill

January 15, 2009
By Sarah Bogart, Shelbyville, IL

Ugh-middle of the week, I don’t think I can wait any longer for the weekend. Stumbling to the car I step in slush. Oh yes an icy cold liquid all over the bottom of my pants. To make the day even better, when my mom turns on the car the first song to come on the radio is that song that’s been over played on the radio from High School Musical “We’re all in this Together”. Okay I love the movie and all, but the radio stations need to learn when a song is being over played.

As we pass by the small corn field, the light bulb in my head goes off. Today is the day we get to finish are agriculture experiment. Finally, when we get to school it’s the same old same old, dust in the corners, heaters blasting, but one thing that is different is me with a bright smile on my face. Maybe this day won’t be so bad after all, I thought going into my mom’s office.

Twenty or so minutes later it’s time for class to start. As I swiftly move into the room I am greeted by Mr. Tomblin. After saying the pledge and having a math test it was time to see if the experiment worked. I can’t wait to see what happens. As the class and I get ready for the experiment we were on the edge of our seats. This will be great.

As Mr. Tomblin goes to the window to get the egg the class and I can’t help, but get more excited about this thing. It’s really not a big deal or much to get excited about, but we’ve been waiting for one week to see what happens. As Mr. T starts to open the egg he hesitates, “I just thought, “ he said “the lady that came in and taught us this project never told me how to do this.” Oh great I think this might not be such a good idea.

Minutes pass and we remember that the lady left us directions. After reading the directions Mr. T slowly walks back over to the egg to open it. Taking the plastic knife, he slices into the egg as if he were making an unison when doing surgery. Pop! OMG I think not daring to be the first to laugh at Mr. Tomblin. When he opened the egg it popped, and went all over his pants. Flames come out of Mr. T’s head when he saw it spilled all over his khaki pants. We start to laugh. Then his curly black hair stands straight up as he yells, “your lucky I don’t have a basketball game tonight, these are my good khakis!” Usually when he yells we know it’s time to shut up, but this time we couldn’t help are selves it was just too funny. Finally when he threw his red pen we were done, because when he throws his red pen something is going to happen, and it wouldn’t be pretty.
After ten minutes or so we got him to clam down and we got a little chuckle at of him. “I can’t believe this happened.” I said to Alexis. Hearing him for another hour or so say things like “gosh why did I do” or “this was not my favorite project.” By the end of the day

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