Where'd She Go?

January 15, 2009
By Brandon S., Chelsa, MI

It all started when we first got her, a golden retriever named Goldie. She was a stray. My mom found her while she was at work. We looked around for some missing dog signs in the area. We found out that she ran away from a bad home nearby. The previous owners had locked her in a barn and never let her out. They would open the door and throw food into it.
My mom didn’t want to give her back to the previous owners so we kept her. She was my second dog and was very friendly. We really loved her, but my brother and I were too involved in sports. No one was ever home with her and she got really lonely. Our grandpa was also lonely, living by himself.
Since both Goldie and my grandpa were really lonely, we thought about getting them together so that they could meet each other. We came to a decision to give Goldie to our grandpa after they met because they loved each other so much. He was filled with everlasting joy. He loved Goldie with all his heart. He loved her so much that he decided to take her on one of his trips. He was a semi-driver, and wanted a companion, so he took Goldie along for the ride.
On his very first trip she peed on the bed. He decided to stop at a truck stop, where they have laundry facilities. He tied Goldie to the truck so that she wouldn’t pee in the truck anymore. He went in to wash the bedding, and when he came back Goldie was gone! He went over to look at the rope and could tell that it had been cut by a knife! “Where’d she go!?” my grandpa repeated over and over.
The first person that he called was my mom. He didn’t want to tell her what had happened but he felt that he had to. He made the police aware of what happened, and on the next trip to that same truck stop, he asked a cashier if he knew anything about what had happened. The cashier told him that he had heard about a guy that sold dogs in that area. The cops got a hold of the dog seller and he told them where the dog was.
Grandpa immediately drove to the house to get the dog back. When he got there, there were two children playing with Goldie that were laughing and having the time of their lives. He thought over it and decided that the children were better off with Goldie than he was. He decided to let them keep Goldie because he didn’t want to break the kids’ hearts.
That day he drove home sadder than ever. He just couldn’t believe that he didn’t have Goldie by his side. He was too sad to talk to anyone for a day or two even though he thought that it was the right thing. He just wished that he had Goldie back.

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