January 13, 2009
Eyes are one of the most powerful parts of the body. You can catch a glimpse of somebody’s emotions and personality through their eyes. You can make a deep connection with a person through eye contact. Eyes are one of the most powerful parts of the body. My whole family has brown eyes. They are dark brown eyes like dark chocolate. My dad, mom, brother and I all have relaxed eyes. They are peaceful and pure.
My sister on the other hand, has electrifying blue eyes. She is the only one in our family who has bright, dazzling eyes. Her eyes are the ocean on a beautiful day. They are the afternoon sky when the clouds are nowhere to be seen. Her eyes reflect her personality. She is independent and trendy. She is the one flower in a field of grass. I believe that our eye colors are given to us to represent our personalities. I am relaxed and understanding; my sister is crazy and different. I sometimes wish I had more exciting eyes similar to my sisters. When I look into her eyes I get lost in the deep blue that seems to get brighter each time I look. Although I sometimes wish I had more brilliant, beautiful eyes, I enjoy my brown eyes. They may seem boring to some but my eyes are chocolate. Everybody loves chocolate!

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