Name Paper

January 12, 2009
By Samie Riley, Hartland, WI

What is a name? It’s simply just a way to identify who we are. Do most people really know what their name means? No. My parents picked my name because they like the fact that the name could be shorten and was a boys name to.

Some people believe that the more you are called by your name the more you are to inherit the qualities to your name. My name means heard by God, good listener and the suffix is Greek meaning flower. Then the more people call me by my name I should inherit these qualities. Maybe.

Heard by God; most likely not. Religious, my family is not, but I am not quite sure I understand the meaning. Heard by God? Then there is the quality good listener. Does this mean a good listener or a bad listener? Hopefully good.

The suffix word meaning flower does not make sense. Am I supposed to like flowers, smell like a flower? If liking flowers is what it means, I like flowers. If it means smelling like a flower; then most likely not. I wish I could smell that good all the time.

I hope that I can become what my name means. My parents did not know what it meant when they picked my name, but I think it fits me very well. I was not named after anyone famous and that is ok. Plane and simple is fine with me. Samantha. You can call me Samie.

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