Silpada Advertisement Deconstruction

January 12, 2009
By Joseph Hansinger, Hartland, WI

The ad was created by Silpada to advertise its jewelry. The target audience is white, wealthy middle-aged women. Sexual orientation is not referenced in this advertisement. A white woman who appears to be about 40-years-old stands in the foreground wearing a fancy red dress and Silpada bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. She stands at the head of a corporate meeting table. She is standing in a confident pose, wearing a smirk and raising one eyebrow. The words “shatters stereotypes” are written in the upper right-hand corner.

The ad implies if you wear Silpada jewelry, you are more respected at the office. This is portrayed by presenting a corporate businesswoman. The way she stands with her hands on her hips and her knowing smirk and peaked eyebrow gives a feeling of power. She appears completely sure of herself and her position at this business. The ad does not display the average cost of Silpada jewelry nor explain what stereotypes are shattered by wearing their products.

A healthy message in this ad is women taking power. Too many ads today use overt sexuality and give Barbie doll appearances as the image of beauty. This ad, however, shows an older, powerful woman as beautiful. The unhealthy message in this ad is one of materialism. It implies that to achieve an air of power one must wear Silpada jewelry. In reality, having a strong will and work ethic emits a greater feeling of authority than merely putting on a necklace.
Silpada uses the “beautiful people” technique in this ad to help sell its jewelry. The model is an older, good-looking woman. The message here is an older woman can look good, while still conveying confidence and authority. The ad also glamorizes the life of a corporate businesswoman. Despite what Silpada implies in this ad, the priority in the corporate world is not physical appearance but the work you do. A woman will gain more respect for working hard and taking her job seriously than for wearing shiny objects.

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