Holiday Memories

January 12, 2009
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My family Christmas can be very crazy at times either there is a burnt turkey or a fire outside of the fire place. This is my Christmas; some of the traditions are me and my mom making Christmas cookies and fudge. Me and my dad would go cut down a 6 foot tree and then trim it so that it fits in our house. My most memorable gift was my cat Smokey she was just a kitten when I got her and my ps3 with my games and I would have to also say my new go kart. I enjoy when I go to my four Christmas’s one at my mom’s house and that is for my mom’s family and one for my step dad’s family both on Christmas day. Then I go to my dad’s house and have a huge family Christmas and we play secret Santa. The three memories that stand out to me are when I got my new skate board and snowboard and also I really got to use them. When I went down a hill and did a 540 spin and landed it. And I would also say when I got my cat Smokey.

One specific memories’ that stood out to me was when I woke up very early and smelled cinnamon rolls it was like 3 o’clock in the morning and I smelled that and thought what is going on so then I went down stairs and almost falling then I saw the two green and red lights of a ps3 and then I yelled then my “parents’ supposedly woke up then we at the at the warm well not warm but super hot cinnamon rolls and I burned my tongue. Also I noticed that my stocking was over stuffed and is setting on the table with some ps3 games on the bottom by that time it was time to eat breakfast and we had eggs and bacon. Then it was about 3 o’clock then my mom’s family comes over then we party till about 8 and then I stayed up super late at my dad’s house.

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