Advocacy Letter

January 12, 2009
By Rachel Murphy, Pewaukee, WI

It has been brought to my attention that the school needs some new ideas for a “re-vamping” project. When people think of our high school athletics only one word comes to mind—extraordinary. The booster club has done a great deal to keep that very tradition alive. However, when you are at football games, that word does not exist. Instead people tend to use words such as old, uncomfortable, and crowded. I am advocating for new bleachers in the home section at the football stadium.

They are in need of an improvement. Shaky benches. No walk ways. Small bleacher sizes. It is no wonder many parents and fans are not excited to attend a football game. With an expansion of the stands the attendance will sky rocket, earning back the money spent on the new stands. We can see the issue come up for many of the “big” games this year especially. Homecoming, for instance, has become a time for not only current Arrowhead students and parents, but for many alumni to come root on their team. When times like this occur we can see the problems arise.

The booster club has put forth efforts to replace a perfectly good score board, but why not take that money and use it towards the new stands? With a higher attendance rate, because of the expanded room issue, and money from the scoreboard, I do not see how the cost of the stands could not be paid in full in a few short years.
Help from the sports booster club could make going to the Friday night football games, much more enjoyable.

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