The Lion

January 12, 2009
What is in a name? Is it a description? A person? Or does it help you decipher who you are and the person you want to be? Does the name make the person, or does the person make the name?

Rachel. An innocent lamb. Most people when they describe me say I am loud, outspoken, and rambunctious-anything but innocent. But looking through the outside image, I am told, inside, to be shy, caring, and a listener. So would I say the name makes me who I am? No. I embrace my insecurities with a loud and blatant presence by putting myself out there when I feel vulnerable. But with my drive and excitement for new challenges the lamb inside of me is overthrown by a lion. A bold presence. I can admit I am scared of the future and the defeat that may come; but I know hiding in the shadows of my vulnerability will get me no where. With my strength and courage, I will not be shy- instead, I’ll be confident in all of my success and defeats.

I make my name. For no longer will Rachel be known as an innocent. Rachel, will describe and insure I am not one to be walked all over. Rachel- a blatant and confident lion.

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