The New Power House

January 12, 2009
By Rachel Murphy, Pewaukee, WI

A new bolting generation. With technology at its highest point, advertisements and monopolies have flourished the mainstream internet markets. Facebook. Not just a webpage, but now a chance for endless marketing possibilities; Facebook has become more than a personal webpage.

In Paul Boutin’s article, “Is Facebook the next Google?,” he betokens that Facebook could never live up to all that the Google empire has created. When asked if Facebook could compete with Google, Boutin writes, “Not likely, because targeting users on a social network is fundamentally different than going after consumers on a search engine.” Boutin believes Facebook user would be “annoyed” with the constant advertisements on their pages.

With over 50 million users worldwide, Facebook is a marketing dream. Advertisements ranging from: banners, side notes, pop ups. Having millions of people logging on and checking their page, why wouldn’t marketing executives jump on this opportunity?

Who is to say people wouldn’t like the advertisements? By tracking interests, Facebook could offer add to people based on personal enjoyments. With this tracking, Facebook could become the new competitor for Google.

Facebook has become a powerhouse in the rapidly growing Internet. With future development of the website, including advertisement opportunities, Facebook could monopolize the Internets advertisement and profit more money than Google ever imagined. Google may need to come up with new strategies before this swift company takes over the advertising market.

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