I hate/love you!

January 6, 2009
I hate you... why do you have to be so cute? Why are you eyes so stinkin' blue? Why do you take my breath away? Why can't you always be with you Dad? If you like me why don't you just way it, instead of making me guess or wonder. Why can't you just say it?

He likes me... he likes me not.
He likes me... he likes me not.
He likes me... oh does he really?
He likes me not... what tell me thats not true oh please not be true.

I love you... why can't you see. You with your bluest of blue eys and prefectly brown hair. You with your perfect voice and face. Can't you see... how cute you are? Oh how much i want to touch you hand, to kiss your perfect lips,to feel them workin' with mine. To feel you so close to me. What it would be like to have your arms around me.

Would you...
Could you...

Ever really feel that way about me?

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