Let It Go MAG

By Estevan, Phoenix, AZ

      Somebody trips you in the hallway and so you make sure to shove past them the next day. You hear a rumor that someone is talking bad about you so you make sure to expose all the negative stories you know or can make up about him or her. Everyone holds a grudge at some point but often the reasons are childish and ridiculous. That is something I wish I had learned earlier.

Last year, not a single positive comment came from my mouth about our class president. I criticized and demeaned her efforts. I spoke negatively about her friendships. I doubted her character, and most unfortunately, I judged and cast her aside, someone I didn’t even know.

To this day, I cannot pinpoint what caused me to dislike her so much. She had never spoken negatively about me, or judged me without trying to get to know me. She had done nothing to me and yet my juvenile grudge kept me from meeting one of the greatest friends I now have.

This year, we have grown close. We share life stories and beliefs. She has no problem telling me she thinks I’m wrong and I do the same. She selflessly gives of her time and resources without regard for what she will gain. Recently, I was left at the home of a fellow student with no way to get home and she drove me there. This clearly demonstrates her kindness and willingness to give.

It still amazes me to think what a great friend I would have missed out on had I continued to hold a stupid grudge. It takes experience to understand that grudges in no way benefit anyone. So much effort must be put into being angry and negative, when being kind and caring is much easier. The only regret I have is losing a whole year’s time that could have been spent working with, instead of against, one of the kindest, most motivated, most caring people I know.

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