I crshed a swather

December 22, 2008
By Badge Vincent, Leamington, UT

One day I had a birthday party in 2006 I was turning 12 I was parting with 4 friends they were tag,hunter, and dewey we watched movies and playing widoes it was amazing and also basketball and it was awesome we wre in a bunkhouse all alone in my farm and we ate mongolian food and rootbear float and we stayed up all night watching movies and the in the morning we ate pan cakes and after that we went to the river and swam and people stated to leave after that and I was so tired. And and hour later my grandpa told me to work and cut hay and I was so tired I told him I cant but I did and on my way I fell asleep and I had no control over the swather and I crashed into a fence and I dented the blades but it was not serious but it could of been worse if I ran into the river or crashed I could of died.

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