An autobiography

December 19, 2008
By ryan damman, Siren, WI

The day I was born was October 10,1995 at 4:56 pm in Mn.
I have one half brother his name is Derek. We have different dad so that’s why we are not step bothers. My mom and dad are divorced. My dad lives in Blaine Mn. My mom and dad fight a lot. When I was 5 we lived in Columbia Heights and my mom and I thought that was not a good environment so we moved to suburbia. In Coon Rapids we lived in a dump. There was no grass the garage was all beat up. But my life tuned out better I though. People said, “You got a whole life ahead of you,” which I did and know I live in Siren, Wisconsin and its all better now cause I got a nice house with the grass, a lot of grass and a not so beat up garage but the bad thing in my life is I don’t get to see my dad that much but that’s ok cause I see him enough now. It was rough as a kid, but now going up being a teen I got responsibilities. I have to take care of myself and every other thing I have to do. Life is much easier.

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